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The Internal Cleanser

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The Internal Cleansers, Digestion Blend, Slimming Blend, Skin BlendThe basic principle behind The Internal Cleanser is internal cleansing, detox and re-energising.

The Internal Cleanser is an innovative product, designed to effectively clean, detox and improve specific health goals. The unique combination of both Medicine-Grade Chinese Herbs and Diatomaceous Earth work together synergistically to gently clean, detox and stabilize body systems.

Internal Cleaning:

Cleaning or detoxing is one of the most important aspects of good health. It is widely known and understood that you cannot have health if you are toxic. So by keeping the system clean and working well we have a better chance to boost our health and wellbeing. Therefore being regular and eliminating every day is part of the “clearing through” part of the toxin elimination process.

It may surprise you to know that we have approximately ten-metres of internal tubing within our digestive system. With all of its twists and turns from entrance to exit. This ten metres of small and large intestines can easily become inefficient and sluggish, causing bloating, wind, gas and a plethora of other digestive related issues.

In this day and age of high work and lifestyle stress, food and diet challenges, and the constant fatigue we are faced with every day. It is good to know there is a quick and easy detox/cleanser that will work well and is gentle enough for anyone.

Once we view the body as a holistic and interconnected organism, with each organ and system affecting each other, we start to see the wisdom of the simple and effective detox method in The Internal Cleanser.

The Immune System:

Approximately 70% of the immune system is located within the digestive system. This means that immune health is closely related to digestive health. If you can keep your digestive tract and system healthy and vigorous it is generally known that a large part of your immune system may also work more efficiently.

The Three Internal Cleansing Blends:

Digestion Blend:   Clear Through Digestion, Improved Absorption, Re-energising
Slimming Blend:    Boost Metabolism, Improve Energy, Clearing Through
Skin Blend:            Cooling, Clear & Beautiful Skin, Clearing Through

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