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IBS?   Bloating Wind and Gas?   Digestive Issues?,    Uncomfortable Stomach?   Bowel Issues?

Clearing Through Digestion:

Digest Blend Natural is a simple easy and no fuss way to clean, clear and help digestion. With no added flavours, colours, or sweeteners this blend was developed through the requests for a simple no frills cleanser to help people with a need for ultra simple cleaning.

Digest Blend Natural may help clear through the digestion and help sweep clean the gut gently and safely.

By taking the Digest Blend Natural once or twice a day, like brushing our teeth, we may be able to maintain health and prevent future problems. Good digestion is usually known to be associated with good energy levels. No Herbs, flavourings or sweeteners have been added.

Immune System:

Approximately 70% of the immune system is within the digestive system. If you have digestive problems you will almost certainly have some form of immune problems. So you may be more susceptible to catching things. If you can keep your digestive tract and system healthy and vigorous then you also may help out the immune system to become stronger and more robust.

Made from food grade fine ground premium ingredients that has proven its effectiveness.

Known to:

  • Supports collagen production
  • High silica content may help strengthen hair, nails, teeth and bone
  • Kill parasites
  • Clear the Digestive System

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Digest Blend Natural


The Little China Company - Digets Blend Natural



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