Re-energise   -   Improve Absorption   -   Clear Through Digestion

Bloating?   Wind & Gas?   Stomach Problems?   Poor Digestion?   Irregular Bowels?   Lacking Energy?   Irritable Bowel Syndrome?


When we think of our digestive system in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we turn our focus to the Spleen and Stomach organs and the concept of Qi (energy).  When our digestive system is not functioning at optimum, we’re unable to turn our food into energy as efficiently.

The key herb we’ve used to help improve energy is Shan Yao (Chinese wild yam).  Not only does it provide energy, it strengthens and fortifies the Spleen and Stomach which are known to help with your ability to extract more energy from food.

Improve Absorption:

Both the Shan Yao and Diatomaceous Earth work synergistically - while the Shan Yao provides energy the Diatomaceous Earth passes through the ten metres of both small and large intestines.  It gently scrubbing the tract of toxins, parasites, heavy metals pesticides etc.  “Cleaner” intestines allows for improved nutrient absorption into the bloodstream.

Clear Through Digestion:

Clearing through refers to that “stuck and “stagnate” feeling that can result from poor food choices and a plethora of other reasons.  When our digestive system is working well, we are able to clear through our tract and feel great.  Another interesting benefit from “clearing through” is that 70% of our immune system is location within our digestive system - so “clearing through” may help keep that portion of the immune system healthy.  Chen Pi (mandarin peel) is a primary herb for preventing food stagnation and that “stuck” feeling.


Shan Yao (Chinese wild yam) is Known in TCM to:

    • Aids Digestion, Tonify the Spleen, Stomach and Lung Qi
    • Tonify and strengthen Lung Yin, Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang

Chen Pi (mandarin peel) is known in TCM to:

    • Clears “Heat” and Dries “Dampness” in the body

Diatomaceous Earth is known to:

    • Supports collagen production
    • High silica content may help strengthen hair, nails, teeth and bone
    • Act synergistically with Chinese Herbs

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