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Acne?   Skin Blemishes?   Dry Skin?   Skin Discoloration? Rough, Scaly Skin?   Thin Hair?   Weak Nails?

Cooling The Skin:

The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body. This means any toxins or waste products that your body does not eliminate the usual way will most likely show up on your skin. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine most skin problems are known as a “Hot” condition. “Hot” means inflamed, irritated, itchy, etc. If you can “cool” skin with herbs then it is known to improve skin problems.

Skin problems may also be aggravated by a poor diet high in processed foods as well as poor gut and digestive health.

Clear & Beautiful Skin:

One interesting aspect of the Skin Blend is that we have designed it to have a high silica content. It has been shown to bring smoothness to the skin, hair as well as strengthen the nails. This may even out the skin tones and create a smooth lustre all over the body.

We have found that with regular use the skin becomes softer and more "glowy". So by clearing the inside we may also clear the outside and optimise the skin structure, reducing wrinkles depth and bringing back the skin’s youthful refreshing glow.

 Clearing Through:

By taking this cleanser, you optimise digestive and "clearing through" so to speak. As the cleanser gently sweeps through the digestive tract you may notice movements become more regular, and nutrients from food become better absorbed.


Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum Flower) is known in TCM to:

    • Clear heat in body and skin
    • Clear and detoxes liver

Qing Hao (Wormwood - artemisia annua) is known in TCM to:

    • Flush out quick heat syndromes (for example alcohol, too much sun or even too much chili)
    • Cool the blood
    • Purify the digestive tract by cutting through parasites

Diatomaceous Earth is known to:

    • Support collagen production
    • High silica content helps to strengthen hair, nails, teeth and bones
    • Act synergistically with Chinese Herbs

Natural Lemon Lime Flavouring

The Skin Blend is made from skin loving ingredients!

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Skin Blend


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