Gentle Re-building   -   Fortifying   -    Nurturing

Tonic soups are an important part of Chinese culture and wellbeing. The Little China Company Tonic Soup is a delicious selection of organic Traditional Chinese Medicine-Grade Herbs that forms the base of a delicious soup. Shiitake and Lotus Nut (Nurture) Soup ingredients are known in TCM to gently rebuild strength and nurture the mind and body.

This blend is particularly beneficial if you’re feeling a little flat and need a gentle tonic to feel energised and pick yourself up again.

Xiang Gu (Shiitake mushrooms) are a great source of iron and vitamin B and are revered in China for their ability to build vitality and strengthen the immune system. Shan Yao (Chinese wild yam) is a gentle strengthening and digestive herb that is known to help balance hormones, Gou Qi Zi (goji berries) are known to tonify the Kidney and Liver and Lian Zi (lotus nut) stabilise the Jing (essential essence). Chen Pi (mandarin peel) is a digestive herb that is known to help with stagnation (that “stuck” feeling) and increasing Spleen Qi (energy).


  • Xiang Gu: (shiitake mushroom)
  • Shan Yao: (Chinese wild yam)
  • Gou Qi Zi: (goji berries)
  • Lian Zi: (lotus nuts)
  • Chen Pi: (mandarin peel)



  • Bring 1.5 litres water to boil
  • Add Little China’s Soup Mix
  • Add boney meat, root vegetables and green vegetables towards the end
  • Simmer for 90 minutes
  • Serves 2-4

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Shiitake & Lotus Nut Soup


The Little China Company - Shiitake & Lotus Nut Soup



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