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The Little China Company - Nurture Soup Raw & Un-cooked Herbs

Shiitake and Lotus Nut (Nurture) Soup - Raw and Un-cooked

Soups are very close to my heart as they remind me of childhood memories of growing up in a Chinese family in Sydney.

A soup was always a part of our evening meal. Seasonal vegetables and meats were featured in the soups with the addition of these dried “bits” of various shapes and sizes which I later learnt were Chinese Herbs. Everything always tasted delicious even if I did not know what I was eating. I remember being told that this or that soup was good for “warming” or “cooling” or “strengthening” or would "benefit" certain organs eg. the lungs etc.   Read More ...

Eating is so important to a Chinese family life. I see now that it is not only nourishment for the body but a nurturing aspect of family life to share meals and conversation around the dinner table. Food is such an integral part of the Asian lifestyle. Our greeting was not “Hello” but “Have you eaten yet?”.

Now I have a family of my own, I have incorporated my family traditional foods into our eating regime. My grandmother’s and my mother’s culinary expertise and wisdom provide a wonderful platform to further experiment with the ingredients and herbs.

So why not make soup blends that taste delicious as well as have health benefits. Using my family recipes and my experience and knowledge of Chinese herbs, we have formulated nutritious soup blends that people can enjoy all year round. We are definitely working under the umbrella “Food as Medicine”!

The Little China Company - Shiitake & Lotus Nut (Nurture) Soup

Shiitake & Lotus Nut (Nurture) Soup - Cooked with Chicken Drumsticks

For me, each spoonful of soup transports me back to being a 5 year old child in my grandmother’s kitchen. Wonderful memories and a tradition that continues. Enjoy!


  • Deidre has a degree in Mathematics and Psychology as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine specialising in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism. She has a particular interest in the use of Herbs with food.

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