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Detox - What Does It Really Mean?   --- Part 1 ---


Detox, Detox, Detox - Green Foliage


The idea of “detoxing” is definitely a large topic to cover, so we’ve decided to break it down into a few sections which we hope will be useful.

What is detoxing?
If we think about detoxing, we need to understand that the body has a natural detoxing process. The liver is the primary organ for detox. This means that it filters out waste and general toxins from the blood. There are other organs and systems that help but the liver if the main detox worker.   Read More ...


What are toxins?
When we say “toxins” we’re referring to all the substances that are “mildly poisonous”. That may sounds a little scary but let’s be honest - it is the truth!

A list of common modern day toxins …

    • food colourings
    • flavour enhancers
    • preservatives
    • alcohol
    • coffee
    • chemical residue on foods (pesticides)
    • environmental pollutants
    • recreational drugs
    • pharmaceutical medications
    • etc

If we live in a perfectly sterile world with a perfect diet of organic wholefoods, with no environmental pollutants or stress then yes, of course we don’t need to assist the liver with “detoxing” because that is one of its many roles.


Detox, Detox, Detox - More Green Foliage


Why do we need to detox?
Some would argue that because “detoxing” is one of the functions of the liver then why would it need help. Well let’s think about it... With today’s “modern” lifestyle we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of toxins. Lots of our foodstuffs are ladened with food colourings, preservatives, pesticides residue and artificial flavour enhancers, etc. Not to mention the long list of poor food choices we make from time to time. All of this make it difficult for the liver to function smoothly.

We know this because the myriad of studies that confirm organ breakdowns and organ system failures are an accumulation of environmental pollutants, poor diet choices, as well as stress and fatigue.

So what is the answer … ?
See our next blog post for more answers.   Read Part 2 here ...   (Detox - What Is The Answer? --- Part 2 ---)

Peter & Hannah

  • Peter is qualified TCM practitioner, specialising in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism, as well as Naturopathy and Nutrition with 35 years clinical experience.
  • Hannah is a health writer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science.

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