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Shiitake & Lotus Nut Soup ... with Dumplings

The Little China Company - Shiitake & Lotus Nut Dumpling Soup

Homemade dumplings are a really simple and nourishing food to add to soups! Of course you can buy fresh or frozen dumplings from most Asian grocers, but it is so much more fun to make them yourself. It is also so much more rewarding knowing exactly what is going into them. I buy the wonton wrappers from an Asian grocer, then add a mixture of free range pork mince, chopped shallots, grated ginger, mushrooms and coriander or any other herbs I have. You want the mixture to be quite fine, so I put the mixture (except the mince) into a blender for about 30 seconds. I was lucky enough to make dumplings with my Chinese Grandmother and learnt how to wrap them – though there are plenty of tutorials if you do a quick search online.   Read More ...


The Little China Company - Dumplings


I decided to use the Shiitake + Lotus Nut Soup with the dumplings, which is fantastic at boosting energy and nurturing the digestive system after a busy week. I especially love the addition of Shan Yao (Chinese Yam), a herb renowned for balancing hormones and strengthening digestion. Plus, it tastes sweet and nourishing!

To cook, simple bring 1 x Shiitake + Lotus Soup mix to the boil and simmer for 1-2 hours. Add in homemade chicken stock if you have any. In the last 5 minutes add the dumplings and some Chinese spinach or bok choy.



  • Hannah is a health writer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science

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