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Detox - Practical Health Tips ... Part 3

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… So when we think about practical tips about detoxing, we need to get back to basics and take a holistic approach. We know from the other blog posts that simple healthy eating, drinking water, exercising and taking specific detox herbs can help to neutralise and facilitate the cleaning out of toxins. Here are some practical tips …   Read More ...

Always carry a good quality glass or stainless steel water bottle to stay hydrated:

Glass and stainless steel are safe and easy to sterilise for reuse unlike some types of plastic drink bottles.

It might sound obvious, but by just carrying water you may be more inclined to drink more! To absorb the most amount of fluid, take little constant sips throughout the day rather than huge gulps.

Try making a bulk salad to have in the fridge for when you feel “too busy” to cook:

Healthy eating is all about getting back to basics and eating more clean foods meat and green vegetables! Green vegetables are extremely nutritious and alkalising for the body and may help neutralise heavy metals. They may be especially cleansing for the liver include beetroot, spinach, dandelion greens and cabbage.

Try going to the market and get inspired by all the different kinds of vegetables! You may decide to choose cabbage, fennel, kale, red onion and parsley finely and rub with olive oil and salt to soften.

For breakfast serve a big cup of salad with boiled eggs and organic bacon. For lunch it might work well with tinned mackerel in olive oil and for dinner it can accompany roasted vegetables and some lamb steak.

The options obviously are endless. If you have a large salad already prepared and sealed in an airtight container in the fridge then you may be more likely to eat more vegetables.

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Try to eat only when you feel hungry:

This takes into consideration a more mindful approach to eating. It is also something that takes time to cultivate. We are so busy that even the simple act of listening to our hunger cues can be overlooked!

Eat real, whole foods for a week and see how you feel:
Instead of eliminating the “bad” foods try to take the approach. Fill your diet with nutrient dense foods such as organic meats and dark leafy green vegetables. Then see how you feel after a week. Maybe you will have more energy? Maybe too much gluten or dairy makes you feel sluggish? At least you will start to learn how your body responds.

Add in more gut healing foods:

You’re probably thinking, well, what does that really mean? The gut is one of the most underrated organs in our body.

Healing our gut is all about creating an environment that is full of good bacteria. This good bacteria promote digestion, improves absorption of nutrients and even help build our immune system. Think about using lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh and kombucha (a fermented tea beverage).

Consider taking a good quality whole food supplement such as spirulina, chlorella or barley grass.
These green supplements are a full spectrum, whole food nutrients which aid in alkalising and detoxifying the body of contaminants and providing essential vitamins and minerals. The supplements can be taken in either a powder form which is more potent or a tablet form.

Supplement your diet with herbal teas:

There are many detox teas on the market, so choosing a good quality one can be tricky. Look for liver-supporting ingredients such as mandarin peel, peppermint, goji berries or peony root. Our Clean-Out Tea and Internal Cleansers were designed to act as a mild detox, a simple way to look after the liver .

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Conclusion and wrapping up:

In these three posts, we’ve briefly discussed the idea of “detoxing”. We truly believe detoxing isn’t about having a perfect diet or getting caught up in juice fasts, but rather eating whole foods most of the time with supplements and teas to help balance out environmental pollutants and toxins.

On the occasions you do fall off the bandwagon, get back to basics and refer to some of the tips we’ve mentioned above.


Peter & Hannah

  • Peter is qualified TCM practitioner, specialising in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism, as well as Naturopathy and Nutrition with 35 years clinical experience
  • Hannah is a health writer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science

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