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Hormone Health and Women’s Balance Tea

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Hormones are nifty little chemical substances, which help organ systems work smoothly. Everybody has hormones, everyone needs hormones, and everyone uses hormones.

Women unlike men (unfortunately!) have hormonal systems, which are more complex (i.e. constant peaks and fluctuations). When our system is too much out of balance, we can experience fun symptoms such as bloating, mood swings and fatigue etc.   Read More ...

Normal hormonal changes, there should be smooth transitions between hormonal mixes, without any adverse symptoms as listed above.

One of the great products we sell is a Women’s Balance Tea from The Little China Company. I asked Peter, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner/herbalist/naturopath (the creator of The Little China Company blends) what exactly the tea does.

“It is based on an ancient Chinese formula specifically designed for women.“

The Little China Company - Women's Balance Tea
He reformulated this ancient formula into an everyday tonic tea that is known to calm the mind and stabilize the hormones.

The Women’s Balance Tea is part of a range of Medicine-Grade Chinese Herbal Tonics Teas. The Chinese Herbs in this tea are known to calm the mind and stabilise hormones. It is also based on an ancient Chinese formula.

The organic ingredients are Chai Hu (Radix Bupleurum), Bo He (field mint) Fu Ling (poria), Zi Su Ye (purple perilla), Gan Cao (licorice root), Shan Yao (Chinese yam), Chen Pi (tangerine peel) and Bai Shao Yao (white peony root).

Here are some other tips for balancing hormones:
Sweat it out. “Strong” exercise that will make you sweat is fabulous for burning excess hormones and making you feel better
Omega 3’s (fish oils, walnuts, flaxseeds etc) are helpful for making good quality hormones (as our hormones are made from the good fats, oils and protein)

When consumed daily, these Chinese Herbs are known known to soften and harmonise hormonal changes during each month.

The Little China Company - Chinese Herbs

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  • Peter is qualified TCM practitioner, specialising in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism, as well as Naturopathy and Nutrition with 35 years clinical experience
  • Hannah is a health writer and holds a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science

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