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Diamotaceous Earth - Microscopic Pics (left and centre) and the 

Despite its intriguing name, diamotaceous earth does not refer to an alternate earth or recently discovered planet. It is instead a soft, porous sedimentary deposit. It is formed from the fossilised remains of unicellular microscopic plants which existed millions of years ago. The raw material is mined and ground into a fine powder and it is similar in colour and texture to talcum powder. Due to its extremely high silica content it is also known as amorphous silica. Silica is the second most plentiful element on earth.


So what are its uses?

Diamotaceous Earth has been around for years (millions in fact), with uses in industry, construction and as a pool cleaner. While silica is considered the most important trace mineral for human health. It is only now becoming more widely recognised for its amazing benefits to the human body both internally and externally. On top of that, these benefits are not just limited to the human body, similar benefits have also been seen in animals. There are however differences between the form which is used for industrial uses and that which is used for human and animal consumption. pool-grade diamotaceous earth undergoes heat treatment to change the silicon dioxide to a more crystalline form, as well as having other chemicals added, while the food grade variety is the most pure form.

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How it works in the body?

When it comes to human and animal consumption, it is important to ensure you are using high quality Food-Grade Diamotaceous Earth. This ensures you are getting Diamotaceous Earth in its purest form, with the benefits of maximum silica content of 85% compared to 60-70% in the pool-grade variety. If you look at Diamotaceous Earth under the microscope, it appears like broken glass shards.


When consumed these spiky honeycomb particles act by three main actions in the body:

  • As a magnet - Diamotaceous Earth passes through the body, attracting and absorbing bacteria, parasites and toxins which are then passed out in bowel movements. Larger parasites such as worms, are also removed as the spiky surface of the Diamotaceous Earth are unpleasant for the parasite and causing them to die and/or be expelled via the bowel.
  • As a scraper - with a hardness rating not far off diamond, Diamotaceous Earth acts as an internal scraper. Prolonged used will get rid of nasty build ups of mucous and physical matter which prevents effective absorption of nutrients and the proper digestion of nutrients from food.
  • As a blood vessel cleaner - a small amount of Diamotaceous Earth will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Here, it acts by breaking down plaque build-up and bad fats which may help to improve heart health.

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What are the benefits?

  • If consumed on a regular basis, Diamotaceous Earth has the ability to seriously improve gut health by eradicating parasites, bad bacteria, worms and toxins. Removal of these toxic substances and the non-abrasive scrubbing of the intestinal wall means foods can be digested effectively and the nutrients absorbed efficiently so you can reap the maximum benefits from the foods you are eating.
  • Improved internal health also contributes to a healthy appearance on the outside. Plus with a composition of 85% silica and 15 other minerals, consumption of Diamotaceous Earth is also associated with healthier and shinier hair, skin and nails.

What body changes can I expect?

  • Consumption of Diamotaceous Earth is likely to cause a change in bowel movements
  • Initially consumption of Diamotaceous Earth may cause your stools to become more odorous and you may even see moving parasites within them but don't be alarmed - as they say ' better out than in'
  • In time as toxins are removed from the gut, bowel movements should become regular, less odorous and unsightly!

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