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Ginseng + Shiitake Soup with Lamb Neck ...


The Little China Company - Ginseng & Shiitake lamb neck Soup


Making nourishing soups is a ritual I enjoy and make a habit of at least weekly. It is most likely made on a Sunday, when there is time during the day to stock up on fresh produce at the market and buy some organic meat for slow cooking. A packet of Little China Soups is essential, as they add nourishment using high quality medicinal ingredients. I usually opt for the Ginseng + Shiitake mix, as it is an energizing and strengthening tonic that acts as a pick-me-up after a busy week. Plus, nothing beats the taste of medicine-grade shiitake mushrooms!   Read More ...

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Detox - What Does It Really Mean?   --- Part 1 ---


Detox, Detox, Detox - Green Foliage


The idea of “detoxing” is definitely a large topic to cover, so we’ve decided to break it down into a few sections which we hope will be useful.

What is detoxing?
If we think about detoxing, we need to understand that the body has a natural detoxing process. The liver is the primary organ for detox. This means that it filters out waste and general toxins from the blood. There are other organs and systems that help but the liver if the main detox worker.   Read More ...

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Australia - Even The Kangaroos Battle The Snow

Winter is the time of the year when the days are shorter, the nights are longer and we experience cooler temperatures.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is the Yin time of the year. Our Qi or energy is turned inwards and it is time for hibernation and time to nurture oneself. It is a time to take a stocktake of our lives. We can allow ourselves to sleep longer and deeper, to rest and move at a less frenetic pace.   Read More ...

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The Natural Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The Little China Company - Yellow Emperors Canon Of Internal Medicine

The Yellow Emperors Canon of Internal Medicine


How old is Chinese Medicine?

The Yellow Emperor's Canon Of Internal Medicine is one of the oldest medical books in existence in the world. It was written over 2,500 years by the then Emperor of China (The Yellow Emperor). TCM is one of the oldest and most mysterious forms of medicines. Thus the knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the centuries within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is extremely deep.   Read More ...

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