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How To Prepare The Little China Soup Blends 

The Little China Company - Shiitake & Lotus Nut SoupShiitake & Lotus Nut Soup - Un-cooked Herbs + pack

Our Little China Soup Blends are a complete meal in themselves. The ingredients are Chinese Medicine-Grade Herbs which are nutritious, edible and good tasting.

Our Soup Blends will serve 2 very generously. Why not save the leftovers for one of your next day meals?

By using our Little China Soup Blends, you will create a nutrient rich and supercharged soup or broth.  Read More ...


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The Love of Soup ...

The Little China Company - Nurture Soup Raw & Un-cooked Herbs

Shiitake and Lotus Nut (Nurture) Soup - Raw and Un-cooked

Soups are very close to my heart as they remind me of childhood memories of growing up in a Chinese family in Sydney.

A soup was always a part of our evening meal. Seasonal vegetables and meats were featured in the soups with the addition of these dried “bits” of various shapes and sizes which I later learnt were Chinese Herbs. Everything always tasted delicious even if I did not know what I was eating. I remember being told that this or that soup was good for “warming” or “cooling” or “strengthening” or would "benefit" certain organs eg. the lungs etc.   Read More ...

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 Medicine-Grade Herbs - What’s Does That Mean?

The Little China Comoany - Shiitake Soup Herbs

The Medicine-Grade Soup Mix -> The Shiitake & Lotus Nut (Nurture) Soup

You might see on all our labels and our descriptions that we mention the fact that all of the Herbs used in all of our products are Chinese Medicine-Grade, but what does that really mean?  The idea of Medicine-Grade refers to not only how the herb in grown, but also the herb quality.  A herb that is Medicine-Grade has to be organic, because if the herbs is contaminated with any chemical or toxin it is rejected.  In TCM the Chinese grade their herbs from Food-Grade (for kitchen use) to Medicine-Grade (for medical use).  Medicine-Grade Herbs have a higher and more pure content of active ingredients which makes them more effective and they can be used medicinally.  Interestingly enough, even Medicine-Grade are graded from A-D etc, and seasonal changes will affect what we are able to receive.     Read More ...

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