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  1. How do I prepare the Teas?
    Our Teas are loose leaf hand blended and as such use about one teaspoon per cup is a nice rule to follow, but you can make it stronger if you choose. If you are making the Tea in a teapot use about one tablespoon. You can prepare the tea with a teapot, mesh strainer or even coffee plunger - it’s up to you!

  2. Do the teas have “tea leaves” mixed with the herbs?
    Our tea is made using 100% Chinese medicine-grade herbs. This means that the teas are made from herbs that are leaves as well as twigs, flowers, bark and fruit, etc.

  3. Is there any caffeine in any of the blends?
    All our teas are caffeine free making them perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

  4. Will the tea taste bitter if you brew the tea for a long time or reuse the herbs?
    We love to reuse the herbs! You can refresh the teapot with hot water 2-3 times, and because it doesn’t have any tannin or caffeine it won’t taste bitter the longer you brew the herbs.

    A nice idea is to brew a teapot in the morning and refresh with more hot water and refrigerate for a refreshing cup in the afternoon.

  5. How do I cook the soups?
    Simply bring a pot of water to the boil, add the soup mix and simmer for at least 90 minutes. In this time you may like to add grass-fed bones or stewing meat and sweet potato or other root vegetables and add some green vegetables such as bok choy in the last 5 minutes.

  6. Can I eat all of the Herbs in the Soups?
    Yes all the herbs are edible in our soup blends.

  7. What does medicine-grade herbs mean?
    In Chinese Medicine all the herbs are graded for quality and efficacy - and medicine-grade herbs are of the highest quality. You can read our blog on Medicine-Grade Herbs here...



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